Nautilus MFB30

‘B’ class IMO/MED  15 and 30 minute Fire, Thermal and Acoustic protection.

A new innovative product which provides standalone ‘B’ Class Insulation/Fire Protection ‘NAUTILUS MFB30’ is suitable for marine vessels of all sizes. It is a strong, flexible, lightweight membrane which offers both B15 and B30 fire, smoke and thermal protection. It is a 10mm thick non-combustible woven composite blanket which weighs just 2.2kgs/m2 and is manufactured from extremely strong, abrasion resistant, non-respirable e-glass.

NAUTILUS MFB30 is installed by simply fixing to the top and bottom of the areas to be protected in contrast to other systems which require welding pins fixed at approximately 250mm centres.

‘NAUTILUS MFB30’ has been successfully fire tested by Exova-Warrrington and achieves more than 60 minutes fire and smoke integrity and more than 30 minutes thermal insulation.

Nautilus MFB 30 Install
Nautilus MFB 30 Install
Installed on HMS ECHO H87 Project Management Appledore UK
Installed on MV GRAND PRINCESS Project Management Carnival Corporation USA