Firefly Intumastic

Up to FRL -/240/240

The tubes and sausages can be used to provide a flexible seal to joints up to 25mm, requiring movement of +/- 10%. It is applied against a polythene backing rod to a width to depth ratio of 1:1 (so a 20mm gap requires a 20mm depth of sealant). The 5 litre tubs of Intumastic brush grade are used to butter up the cut edges of our Intubatt prior to re joining them around service penetrations. Once the Intubatts are installed, the tubes and sausages are used to fill any small gaps and holes between the Intubatt and services to create a neat and tidy seal. For use in Concrete floors, Plasterboard, Speedpanel, Powerscape, block walls and our Intubatt.

Available in Tube, Sausage or Tub
Available in Tube, Sausage or Tub
Intumastic Seal with Backing Rod
Buttering Up the Edges of the Intubatt