TBA Firefly™ Titan Spandrel System




NCC 2019 (Amendment 1)

C2.6 Vertical separation of openings in external walls


The TBA Firefly™ Titan Spandrel System
Meets all the criteria Specified within C2.6 Parts (a) (i) (A), (B) & (C) for Full DTS Compliance.

C1.9 Non-Combustible Building Elements

TBA Firefly™ Intumastic meets Compliance with C1.9 (a) (i) & (d) (iii) Sealants

TBA Firefly™ Titan is a “Bonded laminated material” which meets Compliance with C2.6 part (a) (i) (C)
Non-Combustibility in accordance with C1.9 (a) (i) & (e) (vii) (A), (B) & (C)


  • AS1530.1 CSIRO Test Report No: FNC11220 for the TBA Firefly™ Fortaglas woven layers, non-woven layers.
  • AS1530.1 CSIRO Test Report No: FNC12071 for the TBA Firefly™ Alfoil layers.

(B) The adhesive layers do not exceed 1mm in thickness & the total layers of adhesive does not exceed 2mm.

(C)          AS1530.3 Test Report No: AWTA 20-002569
               The Bonded laminated product Tested as a whole achieved:
               Spread-of-flame Index of 0 and a Smoke-developed-index of 2

AS1530 Part 4: Fire-Resistance Test of Elements of Construction

TBA Firefly™ Titan & Intumastic materials meet Compliance with C2.6 part (a) (i) (C) FRL60/60/60
in accordance with:
      AS1530.4-2014 Warringtonfire Short Form Assessment Report No: FAS190287

Sections & Applicable Dimensions

The Total 900mm Height of the Spandrel can Utilise the Depth of the Concrete Slab. If the Slab is a Minimum of 300mm Deep then this an Ideal Scenario. However, if the Slab is only 200mm Deep, Then the Additional 100mm to meet the 900mm Requirement, Can be Achieved by Extending the
TBA Firefly
Titan Spandrel System to 700mm High.

Alternatively, if There is Not Enough Space to Extend the TBA Firefly Titan Spandrel System Above the Slab, It Can be Extended Below the Slab.


  • The TBA Firefly Titan Fabric Weighs Only 3.9 kg/m2.
  • Steps 1 to 16 of the Construction Process can all be carried out off site if required. In addition, the Insulation Batts & Plasterboard can also be cut to size off site too. This is ideal for a Retrofit Scenario, whereby disruption to tenants is kept to a minimum.
  • The TBA Firefly Titan Fabric is 15mm thick x 6m long x 1.3m wide.
    Supplied in a Concertinaed Roll 1.3m x 400mm x 300mm.
  • 12 Rolls Per Pallet (Size 1.3m x 1.3m x 1.5m H) Total Pallet Weight: Nominal 352kg