TBA Firefly™ Solid Aluminium Panel

DTS Non-combustible Elements

TBA Firefly are the FIRST Company to offer Fire Engineers, Façade Engineers, Building Certifiers/Surveyors & Design Engineers a true belt and braces Performance Solution approach to meeting the Non-Combustible requirements for lightweight external wall systems of Type A & B Construction. With 1 whole Wall System.

  • TBA Firefly Lightweight External Wall System incorporates ALL Non-combustible Components in accordance with BCA 1988 through to NCC2019 Amendment 1:

The following TBA Firefly Components meet this criteria and the Test Reports are attached (TBA Firefly External Wall System) along with a Report from CSIRO No: FCO-3289 explaining the requirements of C1.9 and why our products meet this clause:

TBA Firefly ASP Solid Aluminium Facade Panel

TBA Firefly NCBR (non-combustible backing rod for joints)

TBA Firefly Non-combustible Sarking EKA 161 (non-breathable)

TBA Firefly Non-combustible Sarking EKA 161-B (breathable)

TBA Firefly Vulcan R0.2 Thermal Breaks

TBA Firefly AFRT foil tape



  • We then weather Tested our whole External Wall System made up from our DTS Non-combustible products to the TEST METHOD: NCC2019 Weatherproofing Verification Methods V2.2.1 and FV1 with test procedures in accordance with Australian Standard AS/NZS 4284-2008, Testing of Building Facades to meet the compliance requirements of FP1.4  . We were the only company to have ever done this, plus in addition to the weather testing we also carried out a Hail Impact Test on our Aluminium Solid Panel.


  • This whole wall system has also been tested for acoustics, see attached our acoustic Report for our System using several Non-combustible internal linings.


  • The several Acoustic Systems were then subjected to thermal analysis and the results are contained within the Thermal Report.