Australia was hit with a facade fire which shot up over 20 stories within seconds at the Lacrosse Building in Melbourne’s Docklands in November 2014. The United Arab Emirates have sustained 3 Major Facade fires during the past year. The swiftness of fire spread has been blamed upon Wall Cladding Systems which are highly combustible.

To help combat non-compliance and Public Safety in Australia the ABCB released an Advisory Note in Aug 2016 “Fire Performance of External Walls and Cladding”. This highlighted that all components which make up the Facade Wall Cladding System are to be made from non-combustible materials on all type A and B construction projects. This includes the SARKING, AS1530.2 and AS1530.3 are not non-combustibility tests, AS1530.1 is.

There are a number of Fully DTS non-combustible Sarking materials on the market in Australia, yet a majority of high rise towers currently being built in our Cities, are still using combustible Sarking materials. Does anyone know who is currently signing off on these new buildings? and what evidence of suitability they are signing off on? “She’ll Be Right Mate” Lets hope we do not have any more facade fires in Australia, where lives are lost.

A fella rang the other day and asked, “Do you sell Non-Combustible sarking?” I said, “Yes we do” He said, “How does it compare with other sarkings on the market?” I said which one?” He said “This one” I said “That one is a Highly Combustible, Non-Compliant product! and mine is a Non-Combustible, fully DTS Compliant product!”

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