We have carried out an extensive testing program at Exova Warringtonfire in Dandenong, Victoria to the latest AS1530.4-2005 test criteria which incorporates AS4072.1-2005. The new test standard calls for the thermocouples to be attached to the actual service penetrations.  This was not a requirement prior to 2005. Exova Warringtonfire is a renowned test laboratory known Worldwide for its cutting edge facilities and services to the fire protection industry. One of our tests below shows a 1200mm x 1200mm hole in a plasterboard wall filled with multiple service penetrations and fire stopped using 2 layers of our Intubatt 1. Services may be be installed at 40mm apart.

During the 4 hour fire test, the furnace reached 500ºC within 5 mins, 800ºC at 20 mins, 1000ºC at 90 mins then gently rose to around 1150ºC within 4 hours. All of the services extended 700mm from our Intubatt into the furnace on the fire side. The cable trays all passed through the batts and were not cut short on either side. The pictures on the non-fire side show that the cable trays and standard configuration of electrical cables and communications bundles all have thermocouples on them to measure the heat transference from inside the furnace. In picture 4 the copper and brass pipes and cables have melted away, and the steel trays have all but melted. The two layers of Fire Rated Plasterboard have broken down yet the Intubatt 1 is unscathed.