TBA Firefly Vulcan Non-Combustible R 0.2 Thermal Break


The National Construction Code (BCA Vol 1 & 2) introduced a requirement in 2006 which states that all metal framed buildings of certain construction and building classification, require a Thermal Break with an R 0.2m2 K/W to be installed between the metal frame and external cladding.

Metal framed walls have a higher thermal conductivity than timber framed walls which will cause heat leakage through the wall frame and into the building.

A Thermal Break reduces the impact of thermal bridging by reducing the flow of heat through the conductive pathway from the steel framing to the external cladding.

Where a Thermal Break is used to meet the compliance provisions of the BCA (NCC) for Metal Framed External Walls of All Type A and Type B Construction it must meet All of the following criteria:

  • Be a Non-combustible product
  • Be installed between the Metal Frame and the External Cladding
  • Be a material with an R-Value of not less than R 0.2


The TBA Firefly Vulcan R0.2 Thermal Break is 100% Non-combustible in accordance with AS1530.1     No fillers, no binders and no adhesives.


The TBA Firefly Non-combustible R0.2 Thermal Break can be installed directly to the frame if no sarking is required on your project.

TBA Firefly recommend that a Suitably Qualified 3rd Party Building Professional is engaged to design the full wall assembly for NCC Compliance in lieu of the Cladding or Insulation manufacturer.