Firefly Intucompound

Up to FRL -/240/240

Firefly Intucompound can provide a load bearing fire and smoke seal around service penetrations in walls and floors. It has been shown by test to be capable of supporting unrestrained fire dampers. In addition, load tests have been undertaken to show that a 100mm thick seal can support 4.5 kN/m2 unreinforced in an opening of 600mm x 600mm, larger openings would require reinforcement. Generally used to provide a trafficable seal, where light foot traffic is likely. Due to the very fine texture of the Intucompound and it’s capacity to expand during curing, it provides a smoke and fire tight seal around cables and multiple small pipes while creating an excellent bond to surrounding masonry in larger openings.

Trowelling up the Intucompund Seal
Intubatt 1 Linear Gap Seal
Trowelling up the Intucompund Seal
Fully Trafficable Seal - Ferrari World Abu Dhabi