Firefly Non-Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking

TESTED to AS1530.1

TBA Firefly Non-Combustible Sarking is an extra heavy duty radiant barrier consisting of a layer of woven glass fabric with aluminium foil laminate. It is designed to be used as a water barrier, vapour barrier or reflective insulation in commercial wall applications with a requirement for non-combustible materials or construction in accordance NCC 2016, BCA Volume One, C1.12. With superior tensile strength and tear resistance it provides a robust barrier to dirt, dust, draughts, wind driven rain and is suitable for use in bush fire prone areas to provide protection against burning embers.

TBA Firefly Non-Combustible Sarking integral thermal insulation properties contribute to minimising heat gain and heat loss. As a non-permeable membrane it is advisable to use this product with consideration of ventilation to control condensation. TBA Firefly Non-Combustible Sarking has been tested in accordance with AS 1530.1 and may be used in non-combustible construction where there is a requirement to construct wholly of materials that are not deemed combustible.

*The Technical Data contained within this data sheet remains Compliant for all Building DA’s approved prior to 1st September 2019 for the ACT and all other States prior to 1st May 2019.

The ACT will not be adopting the 2019 edition of the NCC until 1st September 2019.

Please note: Designers who have worked on designs for buildings prior to 1st May 2019, may also apply to their Building Certifier to issue the Building Development Approval in accordance with the 2016 Amendment 1 NCC.*