As a secondary lining material TBA Firefly Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking is not designed to withstand prolonged or direct exposure to UV or the weather. External cladding materials must be applied within 4 weeks of installation TBA Firefly Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking shall be installed in accordance with AS/NZS 4200.2:1994 Pliable Building Membranes & Underlays, Part 2 Installation Requirements with the non-reflective surface facing outwards. Proprietary cladding systems will provide specific installation instructions to achieve their fire/acoustic/thermal/weatherproofing performance requirements. TBA Firefly Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking is designed to be compatible with these types of systems. Please contact our technical team if guidance on proprietary installation instructions is required. TBA Firefly Breathable Non-Combustible Sarking should be installed in horizontal runs across the wall starting at the bottom plate. To form a continuous membrane over the entire area of the wall successive runs shall either be taped at joints or shall overlap the lower run by 150mm. For wall applications, affix to framing members using either battens or Hammer Tacker with 10mm staples at maximum 600mm centres. At least one fastener per stud shall be provided at laps. Taping of joints, penetrations and discontinuities is recommended to provide draught sealing. An air space of minimum 20mm thickness adjacent to the reflective face is required to achieve contribution as thermal insulation.

*The Technical Data contained within this data sheet remains Compliant for all Building DA’s approved prior to 1st September 2019 for the ACT and all other States prior to 1st May 2019.

The ACT will not be adopting the 2019 edition of the NCC until 1st September 2019.

Please note: Designers who have worked on designs for buildings prior to 1st May 2019, may also apply to their Building Certifier to issue the Building Development Approval in accordance with the 2016 Amendment 1 NCC.*