Firefly Plus 60 BAL-FZ Wall System

FRL 30/30/30

Our Plus 60 fire blanket allows “Lightweight Constructed Buildings-Kit Homes/Commercial Sheds” to be built in bushfire areas which have been designated as being in the highest Bushfire Attack Level of Flame Zone (BAL-FZ). Simply wrap the external timber or steel framed walls and underfloor sections with our lightweight Plus 60 fabric and over clad using a product deemed to be non-combustible under the BCA for example, fibre cement sheeting or custom orb steel to weather proof the building. In accordance with AS3959-2009, the wall system must be either tested to AS1530.8.2 or alternatively a system with an FRL-/30/30 when tested from outside in.

RFS building BAL-FZ wall install NSW
Plus 60 BAL-FZ Wall System
Easily wrapped around architectural features - Callignee 2 Victoria
Window reveal fixing detail