Firefly BAL-FZ Roof System

TBA Firefly were the first company to pass the AS1530.8.2 Roof Test which was introduced following the catastrophic Black Saturday Bushfires in 2009 using our BAL-FZ Roof System. Our products make up the lightest and most easily installed system on the market, which has been fully tested to meet the new Flame Zone requirements of AS3959-2009. Our system was used on Callignee 2, which was the first home to be rebuilt following the 2009 Victorian Bushfires and features on the first ever episode of Grand Designs Australia, called The Bushfire House.

The Firefly system can be used to protect, roof, fascia, eaves, box gutters, valleys and barge elevations. The flexibility of the Firefly Plus 60 ensures that it can be wrapped around any shaped roof with ease, whilst maintaining the full fire rating. This makes it an ideal solution for architects who like to think and design, outside of the box.